Individual Learning Centre

The ILC is a facility which caters for all abilities and provides a high standard of care and support for those students who need more personalised learning programmes.

It aims:

  • to promote an engaging learning environment for students who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to access mainstream education in the short and medium term;
  • to increase attendance;
  • to reduce exclusion;
  • to enable students to articulate their specific needs on a personal level and feel supported and;
  • to raise awareness of the availability of a wide network of other agencies to enhance student choices and reduce risk. 

The ILC is also the base for Grove Connex - a mentoring scheme run at Grove School. The mentoring scheme gives students an opportunity to meet with a person who will be able to offer additional support in a number of ways such as:

  • raising students’ awareness of themselves and others;
  • helping students to address antisocial issues; giving an alternative view;
  • acting as an advocate;
  • exploring with students how they can reach their goals and;
  • encouraging students’ interest as well as helping students with learning problems.

Specially trained volunteers from the community and Grove College give their time and experience to act as mentors to students in need of support. Many students who might be facing difficulties in either their home or school life, benefit from having an adult connected with their home or school who will give the time to listen advise and support and in whom they can confide, In addition peer mentors are students at Grove School, usually in Key Stage 4, who give up their time to support and advise younger people especially at points of transition, for example, from Year 6 to 7. Support staff and teachers from the school may also act as mentors.