Grove School Ethos and Values

Vision Statement

A Mind Set to Succeed


Our Aim:

We aim to create a centre of excellence by building a culture, ethos and organisational structure that creates opportunities for students and staff to master key skills and recognises autonomy within a highly accountable system.


Our Purpose:

We strive to engender an infectious, lifelong, enthusiasm for learning, creating a community with ambition, a sense of self-worth, belief and personal growth who are successful in an ever-changing world.

We seek to engage students and staff by offering a range of quality opportunities and experiences that lead to the highest standards of achievement and mastery of key skills.

We expect our students and staff to:

  • develop qualities of independence, adaptability and creativity;

  • approach situations with positivity and a solution-based mindset;

  • be inspired to learn and to continue learning;

  • understand and demonstrate emotional intelligence and collaborate effectively;

  • be respectful, determined, dedicated and disciplined in the drive to achieve excellence;

  • be socially, morally, spiritually and culturally aware.

Our Values:

We will create and sustain our culture of excellence by operating with:


  • Trust

  • Determination

  • Positivity, and

  • Resilience


We believe in working together and value our role in The Market Drayton Learning Partnership where we have a shared belief in:

  • self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.

We also believe in the values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.