Extended Project

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)



Mr S Harrison








The Extended Project is anadditional qualification offered by Grove College in complement  AS and A2 courses.  The College offers the AQA specification.  The Extended Project is currently undertaken during the end of Year 12 and the beginning of Year 13 and is completed by February of Year 13.

The EPQ is awarded an AS level and is worth up to 70 UCAS points.


The EPQ is a chance to complete an in-depth project in a subject which you are interested in as long as it is not repeating work that has been done for another qualification. It allows the development of critical thinking and project management skills – transferrable skills that will be very useful to you in the future! You will be assessed on your ability to consider, plan, carry out, report on and evaluate your project.

You will have a supervisor to advise you as you carry out your project, which should take 120 hours to complete. This includes 30 hours of study skills development sessions.


This is based on the processes involved in completing the project, along with a presentation and a written report (usually 5000 words). A production log that records each step of the project is used as evidence for the development of your skills.

Supervisors assess and comment on progress throughout the project before it is internally assessed. External moderation by AQA will take place before a final grade is awarded.


For further information please see the AQA website.

Subject Leaflet EPQ
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