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Brief overview of curriculum content


Key Stage 3


In years 7,8 and 9 students complete a formal assessment each half term.  These alternate between reading and writing in focus. 


Year 7 


In Year 7 we cover a novel, an introduction to Shakespeare, written persuasive media and poetry. 

We also have the ‘Narrative Writing Competition’ where students are all entered into a competition to write the best short story. The prize is the much coveted ‘Narrative Writing award’. 

In Year 7 (and KS3 as a whole) we have a focus on Literacy and base skills.  Every student will be set spelling (or vocabulary) based homework each week. 

At the end of the year students sit a reading examination.


Year 8


In Year 8 we aim to build on skills obtained in Year 7 by pushing students using more challenging texts and topics.  For instance, we include a pre-1914 text as well as studying a Shakespeare play and analysis and comparison of poetry.

At the end of the year students sit a writing examination.


Year 9


We use Year 9 as a transition to GCSE.  Every level awarded is given the equivalent GCSE grade; this enables students to have clarity in terms of what a GCSE grade actually means.  We will also be studying 2 of the GCSE texts. 

At the end of the year students sit Foundation tier GCSE Reading and Writing Examinations.


Key Stage 4


GCSE course –The majority of students sit GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.  Some students will sit GCSE English.


Exam board WJEC


Assessment overview


English Language


  • Unit 1 – exam (1hr) Reading media and non-fiction
  • Unit 2 – exam (1hr) Writing transactional texts.


  • Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment  (Literary Reading and Creative Writing). 
  • Unit 4- Controlled Assessment (Spoken Language)

Controlled Assessments are completed during years 9 and 10.


English Literature


  • Unit 1 – exam (2 hrs) Different Cultures Prose and Contemporary Poetry
  • Unit 2 – exam (2 hrs) Drama and Prose (contemporary and heritage)

Both exams are sat in May/June of Year 11

  • Unit 3- Controlled Assessment (Poetry and Drama – Literary Heritage).

Controlled Assessment is completed early in Year 10.




Cambridge IGCSE (CIE) 


Unit 1/2 Reading exam

Unit 3 Writing exam

Unit 4 Coursework

Unit 5 Speaking and Listening


Key Stage 5


A level course overview


A’Level English Language




AS outline


At AS, this specification enables candidates to explore the fundamental structures and functions of writing, speech and conversation and how language functions in different social contexts:


  • Unit 1: Categorising Texts
  • Unit 2: Creating Texts.


A2 outline


At A2, the specification explores the nature and functions of language, how its key constituent parts have developed under the influence of a variety of contextual factors and how these changes may be analysed and evaluated creatively:


  • Unit 3: Developing Language
  • Unit 4: Investigating Language.


A’Level English Literature




AS outline


At AS, Unit 1 introduces candidates to the central position of narrative in the ways in which literary texts work, involving many different aspects of literary representation. Unit 2 introduces candidates to aspects of genre.


For the first three years of this specification tragedy is the dramatic genre to be studied:

  • Unit 1: Aspects of Narrative
  • Unit 2: Dramatic Genres.

A2 outline


At A2, Unit 3 teaches candidates to develop ideas on the significance of genre. Texts are grouped within the categories: Elements of the Gothic and Elements of the Pastoral. In Unit 4, candidates study a wide range of texts, the different ways of reading texts and critical ideas applied with discrimination to literary texts:


  • Unit 3: Texts and Genres
  • Unit 4: Further and Independent Reading.

AS level Language and Literature

At AS, the study of fundamental elements and of language and linguistics 


AS Outline

At AS, the study of the fundamental elements of language and linguistics is studied.  Students study the skills for examination of an anthology of non-literary texts, poetry and ‘The Hand Maid’s Tale.’ At AS, the study of the fundamental elements of language and linguistics is studied.  Students study the skills for examination of an anthology of non-literary texts, poetry and ‘The Hand Maid’s Tale.’ 



Other information 


This year we hope to run a number of trips- including taking Year 8 to see a stage version of A Christmas Carol. We also run many in-department competitions to raise the profile of Literacy.




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