Grove School aims to provide a broad and flexible curriculum that allows all students to achieve through engagement in courses that they will find interesting, stimulating and appropriate to their needs.

“The school provides a well-organised and wide ranging curriculum, including a strong mix of academic and vocational courses that have been particularly well adapted to meet the needs and interests of its students.”


Students can access information through the school’s Moodle site, which is a virtual learning environment. This enables students to access school information about their attendance, behaviour and achievements and see work set by teachers at home as well as in school. 


“Students show good levels of motivation and are interested and enthusiastic about learning.”

Curriculum and qualifications
The content of the curriculum section of the website is currently being updated so that it includes for each subject

  • a brief overview of the courses in each Key Stage
  • an email link to contact the subject leader
  • a link to each exam syllabus. 
  • other information about the department.